Advantages of the EEP

The direct anchoring to the bone enables and leads to:

•  An enhanced mobility of the hip joint

•  A more effective use of the remaining muscles within the pelvis, the thigh and knee without the stump being forced into a predetermined form

•  A considerably more effective load transmission to the exoprosthesis

•  Less energy consumption during ambulation and less feeling of weight

•  A much better comfort also while sitting

•  A wider range of motion and free movement in all levels, not inhibited through the annoying and bothersome edges of a socket regardless whther you are laying down, sitting, standing, or walking

No socket

Force is directly transmitted to the bone. This enables a precise guidance of the prosthesis. The EEP also loads the hip joint in a natural war and therefore prevents degenerative changes of the bone like de-calcification or osteoporosis. In combination with the so-called “osseoperception”, which all patients experience and which describes the ability to sense the ground you are walking on through receptors within your bone, the EEP facilitates a secure and harmonic gait.

Easy Handling

The exo-prosthesis can be attached and removed in only a few seconds. In contrast to the conventional socket prosthesis possible variations of the stump’s volume have no impact on the alignment of the prosthesis.

There are no skin irritations due to chaffing, sweat or heat so that the prosthesis can be used for a longer period of time without causing pain, discomfort or mobility constraints.





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